Should You Consider a Cool Roof For Your Commercial Building?

The roof on your commercial building is one of the most precious investments and assets to your property. The roof overhead keeps your building dry, and your tenants safe. A compromised flat roof can cause expensive disruptions to your business or tenants (if you are a multi-family home).

Most property and facility managers don’t realize that rain and hail and wind aren’t the only threats to your commercial roof. Scolding heat can damage your roof as well. Every day when your roof is exposed to the blistering summer sun in Missouri, your black roof can feel like it’s 100’s of degrees in temperature. Not only potentially ‘cooking’ your roof, but it can also increase the temperature of your building, requiring the usage of additional air conditioning.

Why You Should Consider a Cool Roof For Your Industrial or Commercial Flat Roof

You may notice that a majority of commercial flat roofs have black or gray roofing coatings, which is less than ideal when factoring how black roofs absorb heat and transfer it right into the building below. Whereas a lighter-colored roof will reflect away those heat rays, absorbing less heat. As the UV rays hit your roof, it can raise the surface temperature of your roof and building. This is particularly why cool roofs have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Cool roofs offer better energy efficiency, and reflectivity as compared to conventional dark colored roofers. What is the benefit of having a more energy efficient roof? It not only helps protect your roof from the blistering sun’s UV rays, but save you money month over month on your energy and cooling bills. A cool roof will absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays, radiating less heat into the room and inner building below the roof. This is particularly important for retail and warehouses.

The less air conditioning required, means the lower your energy bills will become. It also means the less maintenance required in up-keeping your flat roof if it is baking in the sun. This also will prolong the life of your commercial roof as heat can shorten the lifespan of a roof considerably. You’re also helping your carbon footprint and the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

For this reason, we offer polyurethane fluid applied spray roof coatings. These coatings can be applied directly over an existing roofing system such as metal or BUR. Since it can be applied over-top, that means you can save on traditional costs associated with a full tear-off, such as the labor and material of doing so.

Call a St. Louis Commercial Roofer That Specializes in Fluid-Applied Roof Coatings

If you are considering roof coatings, and a cool roof for your commercial building, feel free to give us a call at (314) 462-2730 or for more information visit We are glad to discuss with you whether your commercial building is a candidate for roof coatings, and a cool roof. Not all buildings are a fit, and we will help steer you in the proper direction. We provide commercial roofing services across the Saint Louis metropolitan area, providing flat roof repair and replacement, as well as roof restoration and roof coating services.

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