Is Your Saint Louis Flat Roof In Need of Repairs?

Over the years, flat roofs have become very popular not only just in downtown St. Louis, but in the suburbs as well. Flat roofs are often found on industrial and commercial buildings, but more are being used across Missouri.

When repairing a flat roof, there are a handful of things that need to be kept in mind, as it is different than repairing a sloped asphalt shingle or slate roof.

Understand The Roofing Material

When it comes to a flat roof, different roofing materials are required as opposed to a sloped or pitched roof. Most often you will see a built-up roofing (BUR) on a flat roof which is overlapped felt. Many flat roofs have either rubber EPDM roofs, TPO, PVC, or even have a spray coating applied overtop.

Where Is Your Flat Roof Leaking From?

One challenge with flat roofs is that they are prone to leaks, particularly if water begins ponding on the flat surface (and is not shed away). In order to make any proper flat roof repair, a trained commercial flat roofing professional will need to identify and locate where the leak spot is. If there are cracks in the seams allowing water to leak into your home or business, this needs to be quickly repaired. Potentially a coating can be applied to fix those problem spots versus having to replace the entire section.


Is a Low-Slope Roof a Good Idea?

Some buildings and roofs are a better fit for a low slope roof than what is a conventional flat roof because of its foundation. A low-slope can allow for water to properly shed from the building, which can help prolong your roof’s life and allow for better water shedding.

Rotten Decking?

When was the last time you had your wood decking inspected or replaced? This can also be another major leaking spot as the wood ages. When it is time to have your flat roof replaced, you may need to have old and aging wood replaced underneath the roof. Check the condition of the plywood for water damage and chips, and if necessary, replace it to extend the life of your future roof.


Other common leak spots are due to improper or poor flashing on your flat roof. These flashings help seal and waterproof your roof from leaks. You will need flashing around vents and chimneys on your flat roof.

Temperature of Roof During Install

When your flat roof is being installed, it is important that all proper protocols and installation procedures are followed properly. This includes ensuring that the asphalt roll is not overheated when initially laid out. The felt should be placed over the asphalt.

Call a Saint Louis Commercial Flat Roofing Repair Company You Can Depend On!

Not all roofing companies are equally experienced and equipped to handle commercial projects. We specialize in commercial flat roofing and low slope roof systems. Whether you have a commercial TPO flat roof or a rubber EPDM flat roof that is in need of a roof repair we can help. We work all across the Saint Louis metro area, helping 100’s of local property managers, building owners and commercial real estate agents with industrial and commercial flat roof repairs. We also provide roof coating services that can help extend the life of your commercial flat roof without having to completely replace or tear off your existing roof. Call us at  (314) 462-2730 or visit us at

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