Could Your Commercial Roof Be Failing?

How often do you think about your commercial roof? How often do you inspect it or take preventative maintenance measures to keep it in top working condition?

One of the most expensive assets, and investments on any property is the roof on your commercial building. Unfortunately for most building owners and property managers, the roof is often times taken for granted and ‘out-of-sight’ and ‘out-of-mind’ until there is a problem. The saying “an ounce of prevention” is worth “a pound of cure” applies particularly well to commercial roof maintenance.

A commercial roof replacement can be an expensive investment, but if you knew there were steps you could take to prolong the current life of your existing commercial roof, and prevent early roof damage, would you?

When it comes to your commercial roof and facilities management, you should always try to identify problem spots before they occur. This is known as asset management, fixing and repairing small problems before they exacerbate and go from a small repair to a full replacement.

The best facility and property managers will often employ preventative maintenance strategy. In doing so, you will not only maximize the life of your commercial flat roof, but it will cost you a lot less over the life of your roof.

With a proactive mindset, you will constantly be looking for ways to extend the life of your flat roof. Even if that means periodic costs to repair and keep your commercial roof in tip-top shape, it is a lot less expensive than the alternative of not maintaining your roof and absorbing the full replacement cost at an earlier date than truly required. This will help you delay having your roof replaced for several years. This is extra time to spend capital on inventory and other business expenses versus the roof.

Data-Driven Inspections

A quality Saint Louis commercial flat roofing contractor will provide a thorough roof inspection to fully analyze and assess the condition of your flat roof. Not all contractors are equally equipped and skilled to perform commercial roofing inspections, commercial roof repair or commercial roof replacements.

A professional commercial roofer will use technology and science to help determine how much life is left on your roof. This can be ascertained through photos, infrared scan, and even sampling a portion of your roof and sending to a lab for structure and chemical testing. An advanced commercial roofer will check for elongation and tensile strength.

Through this type of advanced inspection, you will have an idea of the useful life left on your roof, any options to repair or restore it, and costs involved. This is data from an objective inspection report. While an eye-test can help provide analysis on overall roof condition, a flat roof and low slope roof are much more complex than residential roofs. It is important to not leave analysis just to the naked eye, and guesswork. But, using technology to help identify problem spots. For instance an IR camera can help pinpoint moisture and leak spots.

Roof Restoration

Not all aging commercial roofs have to be completely replaced. Depending on the condition and health of your commercial flat roof, you could potentially be a candidate for our roof restoration through applied polyurethane spray roof coatings. This can be applied right over your existing roof. This can extend a commercial roof for 10 or 20 years! That means potentially an extra 20 years from your existing roof without having to tear it off, and completely replace it. As such, roof coatings can be up to 50% less in cost than a full replacement, while having many other benefits such as reflectivity and insulation advantages.

Call The Best Commercial Roofing Contractor in ST. Louis

If you’re looking for the best STL commercial roofing contractor to inspect or help repair your flat roof, we can help! We take pride in providing one of the most thorough commercial roofing inspections across Missouri. As we mentioned in this article, not all roofers are properly equipped to inspect commercial roofs. We use modern technology to inspect your roof. We can provide a comprehensive commercial roof analysis, and provide a full recommendation for all repair or replacement options. Give us a call today to set up your free next day commercial roofing inspection!

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